Guaranteed SEO Services for Small Business

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Welcome to our “Guaranteed SEO” page. If you are a small business owner whose website is not getting any traffic, look no further! We’d LOVE to show off our SEO skills for FREE! That’s right. Now you can get more traffic to your website with no risk whatsoever. Simply complete the form and let’s get the ball rolling.

  • Free SEO boost. You only pay when your rankings improve
  • Free keyword research. We’ll find the best keywords for your business
  • Free competition analysis. Know what your competitions are doing
  • Free SEO audit. Get a complete overview of your current SEO
  • Complete progress report. See the improvements we’re making
  • World class customer service. We’re dedicated to helping your business succeed

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Why Choose Our SEO Service?

Most guaranteed or pay per performance SEO services charge for each keyword. That means you have to pay three separate charges if you want to rank for three keywords. With us, you only pay one monthly charge and we will optimize your website with as many keywords as possible. Don’t get limited to one or two keywords. Complete the form and improve your rankings today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your guaranteed SEO service work?

It’s really simple. We work until your search engine rankings improve or you don’t pay us anything. This service is also known as pay for performance SEO and it is designed to show our skill without risking any of your money. We are so confident you will see significant improvements on your website ranking that you will hire us to do SEO work regularly.

What is the process of your guaranteed SEO services?

After you submit your information using our form, we will analyze your search engine rankings for the best keywords in your industry. Then, we will send you a complete report about your current ranking positions and offer a solution to improve them. In the solution section, we will determine the new target ranking positions we need to achieve before you start paying.

Is there a contract once I start paying?

No. There is no contract when you decide to hire us. You can cancel anytime.

Why do people say it is a bad idea to hire a company that guarantees their SEO services?

Most people believe good SEO takes time, therefore a company that guarantees ranking will often perform “black-hat” or “shady” SEO to get quick results. While this is true, we are NOT one of those companies. We only use “white-hat” SEO techniques to outrank your competitions quickly.

Another reason is because people think a company that guarantees SEO improvement will choose very long keywords that have no value. These “long tail” keywords are easy to rank because of low search volume. This is also NOT how we operate. We always target the best keywords that will deliver the highest quality traffic to your website. After all, we must show an increase in traffic before we get paid.

How do I get started?

Please complete our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Our Guaranteed SEO Services Are Different?

Let’s face it. Running a business is hard enough so we understand if a small business owner like you doesn’t have the time and knowledge to optimize your websites with valuable keywords.

As a result, your website doesn’t get any traffic and in return, no leads for your business. It’s a vicious cycle.

We help your website improve its visibility on search engines so that you get more targeted traffic and business leads you deserve.

Guaranteed SEO Scam: Debunked

In the FAQ section above, we have answered two of the most common perceptions about guaranteed SEO services:

1. Company that guarantees SEO results must use black-hat or shady tactics
2. Only target “long-tail” keywords with low search volume

Here are other negative perceptions that we are going to debunk:

Trick you into buying their Paid Search service

SEO companies will bait you into thinking they’re going to work on your website’s ranking but then they switch by offering you Paid Search (Pay-per-Click) services.

At Formal Site, we always do what we say we are going to do. Our guaranteed SEO service is not a bait and switch tactic. It is an honest effort to show what we’re good at. We really love working on SEO projects. With that said, we also offer Pay-Per-Click Management for business owners who want to utilize paid search, such as Facebook or Google ads to get traffic to their website.

Bad quality content

Since the service is free, the work quality is bad. Most SEO companies are cutting corners by hiring non-English speaker to write articles.

At Formal Site, we believe SEO requires high-quality content. That’s why our writers are proficient in English language and capable of writing articles for your pages or blog.

Shady SEO techniques

We already answered this problem in the FAQ section above but this is an important issue so let’s talk about it again. Most SEO companies that offer guaranteed SEO services are using dangerous and shady tactics. This includes using automated software, black-hat link building, and other deceptive tactics.

At Formal Site, we never do anything that put clients’ websites in danger. We always do genuine, white-hat SEO that is safe and recommended. Rest assured, your website will NOT be penalized by search engines.

Poor results

Most SEO companies that offer guaranteed SEO are not really good at improving your rankings.

We would love you to give us a try. If you have hired an SEO company before and not seen any results or are thinking about hiring one for the first time, we guarantee you’ll love working with us. Let’s get started now.

Client Testimonials

I’m very pleased with my keywords and website rankings. I see healthy improvement in targeted traffic and lead flow within a couple weeks of working with Formal Site. Thank you so much for saving my business.

Mike Campbell

Storage Facilities Owner

The results that I get from your SEO service is a life saver. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work and continued support. I highly recommend this service to anyone who owns a website.
Matt Davis

Pool Builder

Overall SEO Rating