How To Generate Local Dental Leads
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Some of the Tips You’ll Learn Inside

How to Position Your Practice As Quality Service

Using quotes or testimonials from past patients is one of the best ways to build trust. A professionally built website combined with strong testimonials will give you instant credibility and allow you to secure more dental appointments.

How to Get More Patients by Giving Discounts

Use “Value Ladder,” where you offer a low price service on the front end to bring new patients to the door, then offer them regular dental cleaning and more expensive services. Set this up correctly to get a steady stream of new patients.

….And Much, Much More…

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How to Compete with Bigger Competitors

The Internet has leveled the playing field for small dental practices. You can easily research their online presence. Now you can compete with bigger dental practices in your local area by using your website and social media pages. Read this eBook now.


Use These Tips to:

Rank Higher on Organic & Local Map Search Results

Ranking at the top of organic and map results for your local keywords should be your goal if you want to get more targeted traffic to your website. Read this eBook to learn how.

Generate More Leads & Appointments for Your Practice

Once the traffic starts coming, your website must convert cold traffic into streams of new leads and patients. Set up your website for maximum conversion. Download to learn how.

Gain More Positive Reviews from Your Own Patients

The more positive reviews you get the better it is for your practice. Why not utilizing the resource you already have? Your own patients. Read this eBook now to learn how.

About this eBook

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is for dentists or dental assistants who want to get more patients from their local area using only their website. This eBook is packed with proven tips to increase website traffic, word of mouth, engagement, and much more. The goal of this eBook is to help as many dentists as possible to get more qualified leads that turn into life-long patients.

Why do you need this eBook?

Being a dentist is hard enough. You need tips and advice from the professionals who generate traffic and leads for a living. Read our eBook and implement some of the ideas you learn inside. You’ll get more appointments in no time.

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