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Welcome to our Dental SEO page. If you are a dentist whose website is not getting any traffic, you have come to the right place! Our SEO service is great for dentists who want to get more patients. Finally, your dental website can get more local traffic from people who are looking for your service. Simply complete the form and let’s get the ball rolling.

  • One dentist per city. We don’t want to compete with ourselves

  • Free keyword research. We’ll find the best keywords for your business

  • Free competition analysis. Know what your competitions are doing

  • Free SEO audit. Get a complete overview of your current SEO

  • Complete progress report. See the improvements we’re making

  • World class customer service. We’re dedicated to helping your business succeed

Why Choose Our Dental SEO Service?

As a dentist, you are better off spending your time with patients. Most dentists don’t know how or have the time to work on their website’s SEO. However, your practice depends on constant flow of patients, and a website is a great tool to get patients. We’re confident we can help you get more leads and appointments that turn into long-term clients for your dental practice. Complete the form and improve your rankings today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you optimize my dental website?

There are two types of SEO work. Onsite SEO and offsite SEO. We utilize both techniques to optimize your website for maximum exposure.. Onsite SEO is SEO work that is done on your website. For example: adding keywords, title headings, schema codes, etc. Offsite SEO is SEO work that is done off your website. For example: link building, Google Map optimization, etc. While onsite SEO is a one-time work, offsite SEO is very much an ongoing task. If you’d like to read more about SEO, click here (open in new window.)

What is the process of your Dental SEO Service?

We will analyze your search engine rankings for the best keywords in your city. We will then analyze the top local dentist websites and learn how they rank better than your site. Finally, we will share this information with you and provide a step-by-step solution on how to outrank them. With this information, you have everything you need to outrank other dentist websites in your area.

Is there a contract I need to sign?

No. There is no monthly contract when you decide to hire us. You can cancel anytime.

Why should I hire you?

Hiring a wrong SEO company could mean disaster for your website reputation. There are SEO companies who are using “black-hat” or “shady” SEO techniques while working on your website. Intentionally or unintentionally done, these techniques will get your website banned by Google and other search engines. In other words, your rankings could get worse than what they are now.

In more than 10 years in the SEO industry, we never receive a single warning from Google or other search engines. Despite countless Google algorithm changes to fight spam websites, our clients’ websites never get affected or penalized. We only use safe, “white-hat” SEO techniques that is recommended by Google and other search engines.

I also need a website redesign. Can you help?

Yes we can. As a matter of fact, we only work with mobile-friendly websites because Google requires your website to be mobile friendly in order to rank high on their results.

How do I get started?

Please complete our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best SEO for Dentist

Dental offices are one of the types of services that reap the most benefits from having a strong presence on search engines. Dentists serve a local market, therefore their website must show up, not only on Google map area, but also on the organic results area.

Let us deal with your SEO so you can focus on what you do best: being a dentist. Hire a team that is capable of helping you compete with the other dentists in your area.

Let’s do a little research. How many competitions are there in your local area? Here’s the number of competitions that you had to compete with if you were a dentist in Seattle area:

Dental SEO

Your local dental practice area might be bigger or smaller. However, the numbers are likely within hundreds of thousands to millions of competitions. You need a team who really understands how search engine works. While SEO might be extremely boring for some people, we at Formal Site are very passionate about SEO. We love what we do and we’re really good at it.

Benefits of Our Dental SEO Services

Here are the benefits of hiring us to be your dedicated SEO team:

See improvements immediately

Some SEO companies have poor executions when it comes to improving search engine rankings and as a result you don’t see improvements for months.

At Formal Site, we use the best white-hat SEO tactics to improve your website rankings almost immediately. Most of our clients can see significant improvements within weeks of working with us.

Gain more trust by having a well optimized website

As a dentist, your reputation is paramount. The more your name shows up when people search for a dentist, the more trust you gain from potential patients. Showing up on organic results and other online review sites will definitely boost your credibility.

Get listed on Google Maps

Did you know 97% of people use the Internet to search local businesses? In addition to organic results, we also optimize your Google Maps listing. Most SEO companies only work on either organic results or Google Maps listings.

By working on both organic and local map listings, you are getting the maximum benefits of search engine traffic.

Team up with Online Marketing experts

We are not just an SEO company. We are an all-star online marketing team with various talents and skills, ready to work with you. Our specialties include web design, SEO, and paid advertising.

Experience peace of mind

Competing with millions or even thousands of other dentists in your area is time consuming. Let us do the work so you can focus on being the best dentist you can be.

We would love you to give us a try. If you have hired an SEO company before without seeing results or are thinking about hiring one for the first time, we guarantee you’ll love working with us. Let’s get started now.

Clients Testimonials

I would like to thank the entire team for their hard work. Every time we needed help or advice, they’re always available and pleasant to deal with. We are very happy with the overall result of our campaign.

Jim Sullivan, DDS, Dentist

I have recommended Formal Site to my dentist friends because I’m very happy with my SEO results. Formal Site always keeps us up-to-date with the latest SEO changes and works hard to improve our website rank.

Susan Holt, DDS, Dentist

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