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According to a study by Content Marketing Institute, small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.

One of the problems that small business owners face is posting high-quality article on their blog on a consistent basis.

Textbroker is a marketplace where you can post a writing project and hire professional writers to write your content.

In this article, we review Textbroker website to show you how to use the website to order articles for your website.

What is Textbroker?

Textbroker is a marketplace to hire freelance writers for your website content needs. When ordering your content, you can choose the quality of the writer that will write your article.

Textbroker grades their writers based on the feedback from their clients. The writers then can only work on projects that are suitable for them. For example, if you order a 3-star article, only 3-star writers or higher can work on your project.

As a website owner, you can use Textbroker to order product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, and other types of written content.

How to Use Textbroker?

After you create an account and login to your Textbroker dashboard, you will see a page like this:

Ultimate Textbroker reviews

We find it’s very easy to place an order inside Textbroker dashboard. All you need to do is click on “Create new order” button and you’ll see the next screen:

Order content from Textbroker

This is where you can specify the types of content you need and how many words you’d like your content to have. You can order from 150-word content for Twitter post to 1250-word website content.

The next step is to complete the rest of your order by entering more information:

Textbroker complete reviews

1. Order Type: there are three types of order you can place on Textbroker.

– Open Order: This is the quickest way to get your article written. Your order will be available for all writers to work on. Once a writer is working on your project, the project is unavailable for the other writers.
– Direct Order: This is the order type you choose if you want to hire a specific writer to work on your project.
– Team Order: Textbroker allows you to build you own team of writers to write your content.

2. Project Type: You can create a new project or you can add new orders to your existing projects.

3. Word Count: You can order the number of words you want to have in your article. If you get more words than your order, Textbroker won’t charge you extra for it.

4. Rating: Choose the quality of writers you want to work on your project. Textbroker has its own algorithm to rate their writers. Only writers with matching quality or higher can write your content.

5. Category: Choose what your content is about.

6. Final Cost: This is where you can view your total cost before placing an order.

Our Job Description on Textbroker

Here’s the job description that we used for our writing projects on Textbroker:

Hi, I’m looking for a content with a title “Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners” The article needs to be 700-800 words.
Please use the following outline to write my article:


Intro: 50 words
Content: 700 words (please use bullet points)
Conclusion: 50 words

Please follow my number of words guideline. I don’t need long paragraphs in introduction and conclusion. 50 words each please.
Please focus your effort on writing the content part.

Intro should make readers want to read more.

The ideal reader persona is a business owner who is learning about digital marketing. The business owner is a beginner in digital marketing. Please do your best to write the best digital marketing tips for a business owner who is a beginner in digital marketing.

Content must be unique. I will check for duplicates. The content must be written in American English.

Key Takeaways

  • Ordering is easy
  • Making payment is easy
  • Writers are responsive to revision requests
  • Most orders are completed within one day
  • Quality of article is average. Make sure you request for revisions if you are not satisfied with the finished product

Textbroker Review (2-star Article)

  • Quality Level: 2-star ★★
  • Requested Word Count: 700-800 words
  • Written Words: 718
  • Processing Time: 1 Day
  • Number of Revision: 1
  • Cost: $11.17

Best Digital Marketing Tips


We live in the day and age of electronics and the endless amount of information on the internet. The internet is used for so many things from social media to information. The internet is the perfect place to market your small business because everyone on the planet uses the internet to search for products and services. Here are a few tips to help you better market your small business during the digital age.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is basically a method for getting your website to pull up as close to the top as possible when a customer searches keywords that match your business. Basically, the idea being that the closer to the top of the search, the more likely your business’s website is to get that traffic and customers to see your page.

Utilize Social Media

Another great digital marketing tips is to utilize social media. Almost everyone on the planet has a social media. Utilize this platform to market your business. Putting advertisements and special deals on social media can help get people to your companies website and through your business’s doors.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

You may not be famous enough to get people to walk through the door but you likely know someone who is. You know how large companies use famous people to market their products such as famous actors that do advertisements for products on Super Bowl Sunday. You can do that with your small business but on a much smaller scale. Find someone in your community that is ‘famous’ and ask them to do a small advertisement either on your social media or at a public event. It is proven that people are more likely to purchase if they think that their peers enjoy the product.

Make Your Digital Content Personal to Your Customer

A lot of problems that you experience every single day, your customers are also experiencing. If you can somehow spin that to make your digital marketing more personal to your customer then you are more likely to make a sale. People love to feel like someone is connecting with them.

Link Everything

When creating digital content on social media platforms, leave some mystery. Give your customers a reason to click on the link at the bottom that takes them to your website where the purchases can actually be made. Also, give them a reason to read further onto your website. The more information they read and time they spend reading about your business the deeper it will be in their brain.

They are more likely to pull over and walk into your business on there way home from work just because they remember reading your website. Make sure there is always a link back to your website.

Along with linking everything, be sure to make everything shareable. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or just your website. Add a share button so that people can easily and quickly share your business on there own social media. This will help spread the word on your business.

Always Keep it Interesting

Always be mixing up your digital marketing tactics. When customers become accustomed to seeing the same advertisements or deals slide by on there social media they start to ignore and not paying attention to the deals. Keeping advertisements different helps keep people interested. Also, try marketing different products. You want to reach as wide of a scale of people as possible, so when advertising things on your website or social media, keep it interesting.

Use Tracking

On your digital advertisements utilize tracking software so that you can easily see which advertisements are working the best. That way you can focus in on those advertisements and hopefully increase revenue by optimizing on the most successful advertisements.

Be Modern and Legitimate

Nothing is worse than an old sketchy looking website. If you are not knowledgeable on building a website, it is worth the monetary investment to hire someone to create a new modern and legitimate looking website.


This is the age of everything digital. We have cell phones that are basically connecting us to every other person on the planet. We use the internet to find information and connect with others. Utilize these digital marketing tips to increase your customer base and get people through your business doors.

Textbroker Review (3-star Article)

  • Quality Level: 3-star ★★★
  • Requested Word Count: 700-800 words
  • Written Words: 735
  • Processing Time: 1 Day
  • Number of Revision: 0
  • Cost: $15.10

Digital Marketing for Small Business Owner

Learn what types of media your customer uses

For maximum exposure and maximum use of your digital advertising budget you need to conduct surveys of your customers to get a gauge of what forms of social media they use in order to reach them online. To be successful in digital marketing, you need to ask yourself the following.

– What social media sites do my customers use?
– Would they be receptive to email campaigns?
– How much should I be advertising?
– How will this type of marketing increase my presence?
– How can I advertise for free?
With the help of a digital marketing company they can answer all these questions for

Why should I use digital marketing?

Why not! Digital marketing increases sales and delivers your product to a wider audience. With digital marketing you can form a long-term relationship with a wider audience and you can do this 24/7 with the internet. Digital marketing allows you to showcase your product with proven methods such as:

– SEO (search engine optimized) words to make sure your site shows up first in search engines
-Digital marketing attracts out of office hours buying through online sales driven adverts.
– More people shop with their mobile and with digital marketing they can shop with you too.
– Digital marketing is education for the customer. Some people are visual learners and like to shop with no pushy sales tactics. Digital marketing will make you friendlier to the customer.
– Digital marketing allows you a voice in the big business dominated industry. With online marketing you don’t have to fight for business, business comes to you!
– Digital marketing is cost effective and allows you to spend a fraction of the price of traditional marketing.
– Digital marketing increases your exposure to more customers and drives sales through social media.
– A clever online campaign can drum up more business. Customers love adverts that grab them, discount codes boost sales better than any other tactic!
– Digital marketing allows you to reach your target audience in a faster way.

How to utilize digital marketing without a budget?

Now that is a great subject, money. Money is hard to come buy and when you are a small business owner, you money is earned harder than the big guy. If you want to break into digital marketing but don’t have the budget, here are some digital marketing tips for free to low cost advertising.

– Use social media! Social media is free for all and sites like Facebook, allow you to make a business page for free.
– Use sites like GoDaddy to make a website for $1. If you are game to learn a new skill, there are a website hosts who will show you how, or make you a custom-made website for as little as one dollar.
– Use online message boards for businesses. This is a great way to reach an audience and they can share these online threads with other people.

There are many things to consider when diving into the world of digital marketing. As a small business owner, you have to look at your overall business model and assess what kinds of digital advertising could work for you, your wallet and your product.

If you aren’t advertising, then people are not buying. With digital marketing you will see an increase in sales and make long-lasting relationships with your customers by allowing them better and faster access to you and your product.

The bottom line is this, if you are a small business and you want to get ahead in the game, then you need to be online. Without an online presence you will see stunted growth and a continuing drop in sales at a steady rate until your business is no longer viable. Don;t let that happen, embrace digital marketing today.


Textbroker Review (4-star Article)

  • Quality Level: 4-star ★★★★
  • Requested Word Count: 700-800 words
  • Written Words: 906
  • Processing Time: 1 Day
  • Number of Revision: 1
  • Cost: $22.00

20 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


It is critical to use top-notch digital marketing these days. Traditional marketing has tremendously taken a back seat to digital marketing. Also, so many companies are becoming aware of how crucial digital marketing is, and now they are using digital marketing techniques. So, it will behoove you to ensure you utilize supreme digital marketing tools. The following includes those tools:

Research Your Competition and Differentiate Yourself

It’s important to research your competitors. Google search is an amazing way to research your competitors. You can see their positioning in the search engines. You also can check their sites and see the customers’ reviews, if any.

Improve Website User Experience

Online users are increasingly demanding a better experience on sites. Thus, it is imperative to have at least a fast loading site, a fast page speed, and rich content. Google has a free tool to test your site’s mobile speed and to decrease your bounce rates.

Improve Your Customer Reviews and Google My Business Listing

Your online reputation is crucial to keep customers and gain more customers. So, with Google My Business, you can control how prospects perceive your company.

Create Engaging Blog Content

You must have a content strategy that drives results. Your ranking may not appear on the first page of Google when you do this. However, your site will rank significantly higher. You can make sure your blog content is SEO friendly. You can also use the correct voice tone, gain trust from your readers, and putting your audience first with engaging blog content.

According to a Microsoft study, our attention spans are even lower now, and the average attention span is eight seconds. Therefore, you can grab your audience’s attention by putting your services, products, employees, and business in your content. You also can use video and imagery to help drive engagement.

Use Google Ads for Your Small Business

Google has a step-by-step guide to assist you with Google Ads. They have a Google Ads team to assist you. You can strategically drive new visitors to your site and increase your sales.

Develop Professional Visual Content

As mentioned before, visual content is more engaging with imagery and videos. According to HubSpot, 97 percent of marketers stated that videos helped increase users’ understanding of their service or product, and 76 percent of marketers stated that they had an increase in sales due to videos.

Improve Your Local SEO

Local SEO is important if your business is primarily local. So, you can utilize local bloggers, award/festival sites, newspaper sites, and sponsorship sites.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is still going strong despite what reports say. HubSpot shows that most people, ages 35 to 44, prefer this type of digital marketing.

Focus on Social Media Platforms

You should focus on a social media network that is most relevant to your company and where your customers frequently go to.

Partner with Local Influencers

Businesses that are mainly local should partner with local influencers so they can produce share-worthy content.

Go Mobile

Because most of us are on-the-go a lot, we tend to use our mobile devices more than our laptops or PCs. So, you should have a marketing platform that is mobile-friendly and mobile-centric.

Conquer Data

Obtaining data-mining software that is more affordable can unleash customer information and sales with the reports and spreadsheets. With this, you can improve customer service and make personalized offers.

Think Big Without Spending Big

No matter how small you think your business is for digital marketing, there are many rags to riches stories with YouTubers, businesses that started on business owners’ kitchen tables or basements, and more.

Use Paid Advertising

Utilizing organic means to find your audience yields minimal results. So, you should amplify your online presence, reach, and impact by using paid advertising on key sites.

Develop a Profile

You can spend a few minutes on various social media platforms on your platform and amplify that visibility with paid social media posts that are well-placed.

Ask Permission

No one desires spam, and there are anti-spam regulations. So, you should respect your customers, influencers, and prospects by first obtaining their permission to receive texts, newsletters, and emails. Then, send content only to those who permit it.

Consider “Buy” Buttons

With just one click, a consumer can make purchases without leaving YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Email Frequently

Email marketing is still effective today. So, it is a myth that email marketing is dead. According to MarketingSherpa, 78 percent of consumers from 35 to 44 years of age rank email marketing as their most preferred communication platform. So use it frequently.

Start a PR Campaign

Online public relations include different online platforms that you can utilize to market your company. Video advertising, for instance, is one of the main digital marketing tips to use.

Engage on Other Social Networks

You should also engage in other social networks that your potential customers use.


More companies are using various digital marketing tips for their small business. However, diligently and strategically utilizing these tips mentioned above will take you on your way to stand out from your competition. So, Godspeed!


Textbroker Review (5-star Article)

  • Quality Level: 5-star ★★★★★
  • Requested Word Count: 700-800 words
  • Written Words: 818
  • Processing Time: 1 Day
  • Number of Revision: 0
  • Cost: $58.00

Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners to Grow Their Business

You still have the old methods for advertising your business, and they will continue to work, but digital marketing gives you something more. It allows you to get in touch with your customers directly, and this is something you can’t do with a television ad. The following digital marketing tips are some of the best ways to build your business online:

Perform Your Keyword Research before You Do Anything Else

When you do keyword research, you are looking for words and phrases that your potential customers are likely to type into a search engine.

These are the words and phrases that you will want to rank highly for with your business. When you know which words your customers are using to find the products that they need, you will also know how difficult it will be to compete with other stores for those keywords.

These keywords and phrases are the ones that you will want to use in the content that you write about your products or services, and your audience will find you when you use them.

The world is not a static place, so you will need to perform keyword research on a regular basis to make sure that you keep up with the thinking of your customers.

The best time to do keyword research is before you add a new piece of content to your website. If you can develop this type of keyword strategy, your customers will have even more reasons to read and share your content.

Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing

Perform an online search, and find out what your competition is doing well. These tactics will give you ideas for new strategies that you can implement for your business.

The important thing is that you must not copy these ideas. Feel free to put these ideas into effect, but make sure that you perform them in your own way. If it is clear that the competition is doing something poorly, you have the opportunity to implement a better strategy.

Make Sure You Pay Attention to Your Reviews

Before people decide that they will visit a store or purchase a product, they will take to the internet to look for reviews. This is why you must not shy away from reading your reviews even if there are a few negative reviews online.

When the reviews are positive, your customers will appreciate when you thank them and acknowledge them for their positive words. If the reviews are negative, you have an opportunity to make the customer’s experience a better one, and you can’t do this if you delete the review.

Get Listed in Business Directories

You have several business directories in which you can have your business listed. These directories are online, and many customers are reading them.

One of them is “Google My Business,” and you can add the name of your business, the phone number and the address so that customers can contact you or walk through your doors. Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and the Business Journals are also places where you can list your business for free.

Your business will be in front of millions of eyes when you invest a little time in submitting it to these websites.

Have Solid Social Media Presence

A Facebook page is an excellent idea for your business, but you must remember that you can’t set it up only to forget about it the next day. You must have regular interactions with your regular customers, but it can also be a tool to bring new customers into your business.

People often use these pages to promote their sales events, but you should do more than that. It’s also a good idea to set yourself up as an expert with your page by posting content.

Facebook also gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers online, so make sure that you take advantage of that. If a customer is very unhappy with your store, you can engage the customer with a private message so that you can do what you can to satisfy the patron.

Develop an Email Marketing Campaign

You have the opportunity to develop an email campaign for your loyal customers. It would require that you ask your customers to provide you with their email addresses so that you can send them the latest news and store offers. Then, you would send these customers a periodic newsletter so that you can make sure that these loyal customers remain loyal into the future.

The digital marketing tips listed above are just a fraction of the ways that you can grow your business online. It’s not necessary for you to engage in every promotional idea known to man, but becoming a master of four or five of these ideas will help your business grow to the level that you desire.

Creating high-quality content is a great way to create brand awareness and get more traffic to your website. Textbroker is a good marketplace to find freelance writers to write your content.

The website is easy to use and they have thousands of writers who are ready to work on your project.

There are also a lot of other websites that offer content writing service, such as Upwork, ProBlogger Job Board, Fiverr, Formal Site, and more.

Compare Textbroker content with our own content writing service and see how you can get high-quality at a fraction of the cost.


Creating high-quality content is a great way to create brand awareness and get more traffic to your website. Textbroker is a good marketplace to find freelance writers to write your content.

The website is easy to use and they have thousands of writers who are ready to work on your project.

There are also a lot of other websites that offer content writing service, such as Upwork, ProBlogger Job Board, Fiverr, Formal Site, and more.

Compare Textbroker content with our own content writing service and see how you can get high-quality at a fraction of the cost.

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