51+ YouTube Competitors To Watch and Host Great Videos

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When it comes to online streaming platforms, Youtube is king. With over 1.9 billion logged-in users every month and 1 billion mobile views (not counting desktop views) a day, there’s a good chance Youtube won’t be knocked off its throne anytime soon.

Due to the immense success of Youtube, however, lots of other streaming platforms launched to partake in Youtube’s proverbial pie.

In this post, we’ll be talking about some of the best Youtube competitors and alternatives where you can watch videos and create your own to share to the world.

What is the best alternative to YouTube?

Despite the popularity of Youtube as a streaming service, a lot of people are slowly being forced out by the platform.

For instance, content creators need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within 12 months before they can start earning from ads.

Even the most popular Youtube celebrities are getting their channels demonetized. This goes to show that creating content on Youtube for a living is becoming an even tall order.

The bar is getting higher and higher for content creators to make a lot of money on YouTube. According to Wired, a small YouTube channel with say, 4,400 subscribers, can expect to make less than $100/month.

There are many other horror stories about content creators see as much as 75% decline in ad revenue.

For viewers, you can see more pre-roll ads loading up before the video you chose to view.

This is their way of pushing their paid streaming service Youtube Premium into the fold so you can enjoy ad-free videos. You know, just like good old regular Youtube in the past.

More importantly, Google, the largest search engine in the world, owns Youtube. By using Youtube – or any Google property in general – you give it access to sensitive information about yourself.

Therefore, it only makes sense to look for a Youtube alternative right around the corner.

The bad news is that there’s no one alternative that comes close to the reach of Youtube.

Nonetheless, the best direct alternative to Youtube remains its oldest competitor: Dailymotion.

Vimeo is another platform that comes to mind.

Unlike Youtube, it hosts high-res videos from creative professionals. So if you want to showcase your work to a discerning audience, you may want to upload your videos here.

Rounding out the list of alternatives is TED. It’s the home for thought-provoking talks from the most successful people in their respective fields.

List of YouTube competitions

What will replace YouTube in the future?

For some other platform to replace Youtube, there needs to be a sign that it’s slowing down.

For instance, the downfall of MySpace started when it signed a lucrative deal with Google in 2006. In exchange, MySpace doubled the ads on their site, which compromised its user experience.

As a result, MySpace users jumped to Facebook’s much cleaner interface. From there, MySpace never fully recovered.
So regardless of the criticisms against the platform, Youtube appears to be playing its cards right so far.

And even if it has made blunders along the way, there’s no clear-cut competitor that could usurp Youtube as the top streaming service in the market.

At the same time, if there’s something that could replace Youtube, it’s not another streaming website.
It’s more likely a disruptive market that will take the world by storm.

Thinking about what this technology may be right now is highly improbable. After all, nobody imagined that social media would govern our lives some 20 twenty years ago.

So only time will tell what that new market may be. In the meantime, enjoy Youtube while it’s still here.

Is Dailymotion better than YouTube?

As mentioned, Dailymotion is the closest direct competitor of Youtube.

Both were launched in 2005 and compared favorably against each other. What tipped the scales to Youtube’s favor is when Google bought them out.

From there, the gap between the two grew and grew.

While an average monthly visitors of 254.4 million is nothing to scoff at, Dailymotion still pales in comparison to Youtube’s statistics.

YouTube vs Dailymotion stats

Also, Dailymotion doesn’t let you upload videos greater than 60 minutes and 2 GB. It can only serve videos at 720 resolution and has no 3D capabilities.

Therefore, if by “better,” you mean more traffic, visitor, and video options, then Dailymotion is worse than Youtube in all aspects.

However, DailyMotion have redeeming qualities that make it a bit more tolerable than Youtube.

For instance, there’s also a low barrier of entry for making money on DailyMotion.

There’s no prerequisite before you can start earning from the platform. Just sign up to their Partner program, upload your videos, and drive as much traffic as you can to them.

Finally, it doesn’t harvest your information like Youtube does. So you don’t have to go incognito when searching for videos on Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is one of the few of YouTube competitors that takes privacy more seriously.

What’s the difference between Vimeo and YouTube?

Vimeo is unlike your usual video streaming site.

With an attractive income plan, Vimeo is one of the biggest YouTube competitors out there.

As mentioned, the platform gives professional content creators a stage to highlight their abilities and get their followers to pay for your efforts.

For the Pro Plan ($20/month billed annually) and higher, you can sell your videos directly to your fans. This way, you don’t have to rely on Youtube’s ad-based revenue model that is highly dependent on traffic and views.

As long as you can get people to shell out cash for your video content – no matter how small that audience is – you can rake in big bucks from this platform. Visit our guides pages to learn more about digital marketing for free.

On top of that, you have higher weekly storage limit and collaboration options to improve content creation and workflow.

There is also a free Basic plan available for all. However, the plan doesn’t give you enough juice for your audience to take you seriously.

Similar to Dailymotion, Vimeo has a file size limit to upload at 500 MB per video. The limit increases if you subscribe to their paid plans (starting with their Plus plan at $7/month for a 5GB weekly storage).

Who are YouTube Competitors?

Here is a list of websites that are competing with YouTube (sorted by Domain Rating):

  • Vimeo [DR 95]
  • Flickr [DR 94]
  • Spotify [DR 93]
  • Twitch [DR 91]
  • DailyMotion [DR 91]
  • Photobucket [DR 91]
  • Netflix [DR 91]
  • Wistia [DR 90]
  • Brightcove [DR 88]
  • Hulu [DR 87]
  • Pandora [DR 87]
  • Blip TV [DR 83]
  • Flowplayer [DR 83]
  • Metacafe [DR 82]
  • Vidyard [DR 82]
  • JW Player [DR 82]
  • Prime Video [DR 80]
  • Showtime [DR 80]
  • Vudu [DR 79]
  • Viddler [DR 79]
  • Veoh [DR 78]
  • Hotstar [DR 77]
  • STARZ [DR 77]
  • Panopto [DR 77]
  • dacast [DR 75]
  • SproutVideo [DR 75]
  • Crackle [DR 74]
  • Fullscreen [DR 73]
  • Tubi [DR 71]
  • Vuclip [DR 70]
  • Presto Sports [DR 69]
  • Machinima [DR 68]
  • Lightcast.com [DR 68]
  • YuppTV [DR 67]
  • Philo [DR 66]
  • mitú [DR 63]
  • VidGrid [DR 60]
  • Spuul [DR 57]
  • HOOQ [DR 54]
  • ScaleLab [DR 53]
  • Vessel [DR 53]
  • SteamRail [DR 52]
  • BIGFLIX [DR 50]
  • Quibi [DR 48]
  • Flimp [DR 48]
  • Zype [DR 46]
  • XStream [DR 44]
  • Vube [DR 39]
  • KlowdTV [DR 36]
  • T-Series [DR 33]
  • Yare Media [DR 28]
  • Think Digital Group [DR 19]
  • Smart Story [DR 18]
  • Moindy [DR 14]
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